Cupcake Menu

"Regular" Cupcakes

Everyday Treats

Sprinkle Me Silly

sprinkle cake/ buttercream/rainbow sprinkles

Red Velvet

red velvet cake/cream cheese frosting/heart accent

Funky Chunky Oreo

chocolate cake/dark chocolate ganache/oreo buttercream

Sea Salt Caramel

caramel cake/salted caramel frosting/sea salt dark chocolate

Bugs Bunny

carrot cake/cream cheese frosting


chocolate cake/cream filling/dark chocolate ganache/white chocolate

Lemon Drop

vanilla cake/lemon buttercream/sugar

Half Moon

marble cake/cream cheese frosting/dark chocolate ganache

Plain Jane Chocolate/Chocolate

chocolate cake/chocolate buttercream

Plain Jane Vanilla/Vanilla

vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream

Plain Jane Vanilla/Chocolate

vanilla cake/chocolate buttercream

Plain Jane Chocolate/Vanilla

chocolate cake/vanilla buttercream

Pink Lemonade (Ssummer)

pink lemonade cake/pink lemonade sugar/sugar

Ice Cream Sundae (Summer)

chocolate cake/vanilla buttercream/dark chocolate ganache/sprinkles

Creamsicle (Summer)

orange creamsicle cake/marshmallow cream frosting


chocolate cake/graham cracker bottom/marshmallow frosting/milk chocolate drizzle

Mini Sampler Pack

one each of our everyday & current seasonal flavors


Check out our pupcake menu

Birthday in a Box

A dozen assorted cupcakes, party hats, confetti, plates, napkins, birthday banner, candles + a card GREAT FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS!!

Seasonal Specials

Winter Treats: December – February

The North Pole

mint chocolate cake/ ganache/ white chocolate/candy cane oreo buttercream

Gingerbread Cookie

gingerbread cake/cream cheese frosting


white cake/white chocolate chips/white chocolate frosting/white chocolate drizzle

Cinnamon Bun

vanilla cake with a cinnamon sugar swirl/ cream cheese frosting

Spring Treats: March – May


mint chocolate cake/mint buttercream/dark chocolate

Strawberry Cheesecake

vanilla cake/graham cracker bottom/cream cheese filling/strawberry cream cheese frosting

Chunky Monkey 

banana cake with chocolate chips and coconut/dark chocolate fudge frosting/shredded coconut


chocolate cake/salted caramel frosting/caramel pool/milk chocolate drizzle

Summer Treats: June – August

Pink Lemonade

pink lemonade cake/ pink lemonade frosting/sugar


orange creamsicle cake/marshmallow cream frosting

Ice Cream Sundae

chocolate cake/ buttercream frosting/ chocolate ganache/sprinkles


chocolate cake/graham cracker bottom/ marshmallow frosting/milk chocolate

Fall Treats: September – November

Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin cake/ cream cheese frosting

Apple Cider

apple cake/caramel cinnamon buttercream/ cinnamon/sugar

Cafe Mocha

mocha cake/coffee buttercream/whipped buttercream

French Toast

cinnamon swirl cake/maple buttercream/cinnamon sugar